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Added value for grower success.

“The complexities of operations for grower profitability continue to evolve on the regulatory, economic, and crop management levels. Specialized knowledge and resources in all of these areas has become increasingly important for grower success.

The Tremont Group agri-service divisions work independently and as a team to support conventional, organic and hydroponics grower success, guided by a philosophy we call “added value for grower success.”

“Added value for grower success” means that growers can rely on our people and the service, specialized knowledge and products we provide to help them maximize crop yields and profitability.

Service To Growers When They Need It

We work growers’ hours and are here to serve growers when they need us – in the office, plant and field. Our Managers, PCAs, CCAs and Consultants, along with our office, warehouse and field equipment staff, provide trusted, year around support for grower operations monitoring, coordination, recommendations, deliveries, and support.


Specialized Knowledge For Grower Success

Our PCAs and CCAs make professional crop management and pest control recommendations conventional, organic and hydroponics growers rely on, and help to ensure grower operations meet all regulatory food and worker safety standards. We keep growers updated with timely information about new products, field research findings and other information that keeps growers “in the know”.

On Site, Diversified Ag Input, Crop Protection and Related Product Lines

Having a full range of on-hand inventory of needed crop input products – including seeds, standard and custom blended fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides – along with special application equipment and a full line farm parts store, rounds out our “added value” inputs for grower success.


Specialized Equipment

The application of crop input timing, placement and effectiveness in the early stages of the growing cycle can make the difference between crop success or failure at harvest time.

We provide growers with a full range or specialized application and field storage equipment and provide the field delivery and set up services to help insure grower crop input application success.

Farm Parts Stores

Our fully stocked Farm Parts Stores provides us with an important competitive advantage for providing added value to growers that extends beyond traditional agri-service operations.

We stock the items growers need throughout the year to provide them with a fast, convenient supply location to meet ongoing seasonal and critical needs when they arise.